The Global Tal Registry is the home of our experiment in smart contracts - which we call "Project Proofs" - for creative teams. We want to find new ways for creative teams to manage their IP creation. We want to make it easy for teams to come together, often outside their regular circles of trust, safe in the knowledge that their plans for revenue sharing can be maintained in a cost-effective way and extended flexibly as circumstances change. This is how it works.

We're reinforcing the contracts made between creative team members when they collaborate to develop new games IP, often before forming a company.

The creative team records the initial set-up transactions and all the variations and changes that follow later on a distributed ledger known as a blockchain. The ledger will provide an immutable record of the transactions. In time, we plan to connect this to platforms so that sales revenues can flow according to Tal ownership.

With the Global Tal Registry teams can divide the IP they're creating into individual shares known as Tals with different classes of Tal allowing the Founders to vote and others to just participate in revenue shares.